Student Clubs & Activities

Student clubs and extra-curricular activities add an important enhancement to the academic program.  In addition to building camaraderie and long-lasting friendships, these activities provide the opportunity for continued learning outside of the classroom.  Many clubs have been initiated by student interest and are moderated by a faculty member with a good knowledge of and experience in the activity.  Whether it is a performing art or fine art, immersion in a world language, or physical activity, every Bay Ridge Prep student can easily find an extracurricular activity that further develops his or her talents and interests.

Melted Crayons Literary Magazine

Bay Ridge Prep Lower and Middle School students work hard each year to produce a digital literary magazine named "Melted Crayons". It can be found at

Lower & Middle School Clubs

8th Grade Yearbook
8th Grade Theatre Production
Animal Club
Anime Club
Basketball Club
Board Games Club
Chemistry of Cooking
Guitar Club
Ping Pong Club
Running Club
Seasonal Crafts Club

Upper School Clubs, Societies & Activities

Art Club
Book Club
Community Service Club
Cooking Club
Dance Club
Debate Club
Digital Arts
Environmental Club
International Thespian Society
Jazz Ensemble
Language Exchange Club
Mindfulness Club
Movie Club
National Art Honor Society
National Honor Society
Relaxation Zone
Sports Leadership Club
Student Activities Committee
Student Ambassadors
Surfing Club
Tae Kwon Do
Theatre Appreciation Club
Tae Kwon Do