School Policies

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Student Illness Policy as of Sept. 2020

Please note that our illness policy will be enforced uniformly throughout the school. For the health, safety and respect of all community members, we will make no exceptions in being cautious about community health.

  • Community members who have a fever or symptoms of illness may not return to school/work until they have been fever-free and symptom-free for 72 hours without the use of a fever-reducing agent. 
  • Any students who have a temperature of 100°F or higher will not be permitted to attend school or enter the school building.
  • Any student complaining of or exhibiting signs or symptoms of illness or communicable disease during the school day will be evaluated by school medical personnel and a parent/guardian or designated emergency contact person will be expected to pick the student up within 60 minutes and/or be transported home within 60 minutes.
  • Students will undergo daily temperature and health screenings.
  • Students will be required to use cloth-based masks/face coverings while in school.

Students must be free from fever, nausea, and vomiting for a minimum of 72 hours prior to returning to school. This assumes 72 hours without any fever reduction medicines. If a student returns to school the day after being sent home with a fever, they will not be permitted to attend and will be sent home. While we understand that a child’s illness can be extremely inconvenient since many families do not have a stay-at-home parent, every parent must understand that one sick child can cause many other student and faculty illnesses. It is very important that every family have a plan in place for child care in case a student cannot attend school.

Our primary concern is always for the health of our students and we feel that as a community we can decrease the risk to all of our students and staff by following the illness policies. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Stacy Betro in our medical office at 718-833-9090 or via e-mail at

Medical Policies & Forms

We require students to complete a comprehensive medical form which includes clearances for participation in physical education and athletic activities as well as an immunization history.  Please note that we only accept the Bay Ridge Prep-issued medical forms. All students must also enclose a copy of their most recent dental screening with their physical exam form.  More information is available in your child's Magnus Health account, which can be accessed by logging in to your portal.

**As of June 13, 2019, New York State no longer allows religious exemptions for vaccinations in public, private or parochial schools. The new law does not impact those students with a medical exemption. Please refer to this attachment from the Department of Health for additional information regarding the new law, the catch-up immunization schedule and answers to frequently asked questions about this law.

Dress Code

Bay Ridge Prep students are expected to dress appropriately for school and according to the standards set for each grade level. Unless otherwise specified by a school director or the Head of School, students are expected to be in dress code at all times during the school day.

Bay Ridge Prep-branded clothing can be purchased from Lands' End, however, most dress code items can be purchased from a vendor of choice.

Weather and Emergency Closings Policy

If school is closed or delayed due to weather or a city-wide emergency, a note is posted on and the school's social media pages.  The information is also sent via text message and e-mail to the school community and WABC-TV/Ch. 7 carries the announcement on television.  Weather-related notifications are sent out by 6 a.m. on the day in question.

Bay Ridge Prep will always close school if the NYC Dept. of Education closes public schools. On some occasions, Bay Ridge Prep will close school before the DOE comes to a decision or even if the DOE keeps public schools open. This usually occurs if it is determined that an impending weather event or another emergency will make conditions inside or near the school unsafe.