Two Seniors Take Home Tiger Award

Justin Herzfeld '19 and Mia Composto '19 took home the 2019 Tiger Award for Overall Excellence.

Two seniors were honored with the Tiger Award for Overall Excellence at the 2019 Upper School Sports Dinner. The annual event, which was held Tuesday, May 21, also saw a number of Bay Ridge Prep student-athletes honored for their spirit, leadership and skills in various sports programs.

The Tiger Award, the highest honor given to a senior student-athlete, went this year to Mia Composto and Justin Herzfeld. As the award inscription reads, all four were highlighted for their  "positive character, sportsmanship, team leadership, school spirit" and being "one of the most quintessential student-athletes to grace the classrooms, courts, and fields of Bay Ridge Preparatory School."

Senior Samantha McLoughlin was awarded the Tiger Athletics Devotion Award for her participation in a sport in every season during all four years of Upper School.

Other awards included team awards in the following areas:

Varsity Track
Momentum Medal: Quinn O’Neill
Spirit & Leadership Medal: Samuel Toussie
MVP: Gregory Kuznetsov (Fall), Megan Alano (Winter), Clyde Campbell (Spring)

Varsity Volleyball
Momentum Medal: Amelia Block, Priscilla Sideris
Spirit & Leadership Medal: Katherine Gilbert, Maya Pellitteri
MVP: Mia Composto, Kora Lynch

Varsity Boys Tennis

Momentum Medal: Aidan Fasano, Matthew Marcus
Spirit & Leadership Medal: Isaiah Binns, David Nigri
MVP: Gabriel Gurevich

Varsity Girls Tennis

Momentum Medal: Elsa Borno, Sonia Vasserman
Spirit & Leadership Medal: Makenna Freeburn, Priscilla Sideris
MVP: Deliala Friedman

Varsity Boys Soccer

Momentum Medal: Rocco Mantelli
Spirit & Leadership Medal: Yaseen Ben-Farhat, Justin Herzfeld
MVP: Ben Drury, Moses Millman

JV Boys Basketball

Momentum Medal: Oliver Berman, Cameron Morris
Spirit & Leadership Medal: David Ben-Shahar, Zakai Hudson
“Mr. Hustle” Award: Walker Cianfrance
MVP: Aden Levy

Varsity Girls Basketball

Momentum Medal: Eva Basuo, Amelia Block, Elsa Borno, Jessica Zuckerman
Spirit & Leadership Medal: Mia Composto, Katherine Gilbert, Jaytsia Merizalde, Maya Pellitteri, Dominique Perone
Offense MVP: Samantha McLoughlin
Defensive MVP: Shaddai Quintero

Boys Varsity Basketball
Momentum Medal: David LeGrand
Spirit & Leadership Medal: Oscar Monteleone
MVP: Sterling Young

Varsity Girls Squash
Momentum Medal: Olivia Terzuoli
Spirit & Leadership Medal: Arianna Skopp
MVP: Amanda Solecki, Ariana Solecki

Varsity Boys Baseball
Momentum Medal: Gavin Sofronski. Nico Mainardi
Spirit & Leadership Medal: Justin Herzfeld, Oscar Monteleone
MVP: Sergei Vichnis

Varsity Girls Softball
Momentum Medal: Kora Lynch, Jessica Zuckerman
Spirit & Leadership Medal: Amelia Block, Tulsi Perun
Defensive MVP: Charlotte Brown
Offensive MVP: Shaddai Quintero

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Slide show featured at end of Bay Ridge Prep 2019 Upper School Sports Dinner.

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