Thank you, Bay Ridge Prep!

Heads of School Dr. Charles Fasano and Dr. Michael Dealy used their weekly community update to send the following message to the school community in advance of this year's Thanksgiving Recess and holiday weekend.


November 24, 2020

Dear School Community,

Thanksgiving is here and we want to use the community update for this abbreviated school week to let you know how grateful we are for every member of our Bay Ridge Prep family. 

Students: the focus and life of our school. We were unsure how students would respond to this new school year where in-person learning is very different from the past and hybrid and remote learning are now part of the norm. Our students have risen to the challenge and put their best foot forward during this unique time in history. Their eagerness to learn brings joy to us as they energize the community each day.

Faculty & Staff: an incredible team. We are impressed and in awe of the extra efforts the teachers of Bay Ridge Prep have made so students have the best possible, and safest, school experience they can this year. In addition to the classroom teachers, our directors, administrative staff and support staff have all gone above and beyond to keep the mission of Bay Ridge Prep alive, with many working long hours, weekends and nights in service of the school and the students we deeply care for. 

Adults at home: our partners during a year of unknowns. We know the pandemic has upended many of our lives at home and at work. Despite all this, the parents, guardians and adults at home with students have worked hard to maintain some sense of normalcy for their family while entrusting Bay Ridge Prep with the care and education of their children. As much as families have relied on us, we have relied on our partnership with them as a constant in the midst of uncertainty and change. 

Although the celebrations this year will look and feel different, it is still important to acknowledge the special bonds that are at the heart of our friendships, our families and our communities. During these next few days, take a moment to reflect on what and who you are thankful for this year. Remember the positive moments that grew out of the dark days and the people and heroes who stepped up and continue to help us and lead us through trying times. 

Finally, we remain hopeful that we can continue offering in-person learning and activities after this holiday weekend. If that should change between now and Monday, we will notify you immediately. In the meantime, have a happy, peaceful and safe Thanksgiving.


Charles Fasano & Michael Dealy
Heads of School