Seniors Receive Surprise Visits from Faculty & Staff

Operation: Tiger Surprise was successfully completed on Wednesday, May 27, as a team of 20 Bay Ridge Prep faculty and staff members surprised seniors with curbside visits to personally deliver caps and gowns, treats and some in-person congratulations before the Class of 2020 graduates on June 9. 

During the visits, which were made to seniors still in New York City and whose parents gave the school permission to stop by, the team of teachers held signs, cheered, made noise and put a lot of smiles and tears on faces of students and parents. On some blocks, neighbors and others passing by saw what was happening and joined in with horn honking, pot banging, and more cheering.

The visits took six hours to complete, but was well worth it for the students and for the teachers. Outside of Zoom classes during distance learning, it was the first time seniors were able to see their teachers in person since school closed on March 12 in advance of the nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter to the school administration the day after the surprise visit, a parent wrote, "I just wanted to say thank you for what the Bay Ridge Prep community did for our seniors... I know the power behind students feeling like they matter and they are cared for. You all have done just that with our son, not just yesterday, but for the four years that he was a part of Bay Ridge Prep. We are beyond grateful for everyone and everything you all did and continue to do for our son."

Another parent sent a note saying, "It means a lot to know that the teachers and administrators at Bay Ridge Prep are invested in each of their students."