Lower & Middle School Artists Host Gallery and Concerts

Clips from the Middle School Band and Dance performances at the 2019 K-8 Arts Showcase.


The annual K-8 Art Gallery, Prism & Dance Concerts, held on Thursday, May 30, celebrated the artistic achievements of the Lower and Middle School students as the auditorium transformed into an art gallery while families enjoyed performances in the gymnasium from student dancers and the school band.

The art gallery featured over 400 pieces of art that were curated by students who chose work that best represented their artistic voice and skills. The event was a captivating representation of their progress and achievements throughout the year. 

Click here to see art gallery photos.

Middle School dance students wowed spectators with their impressive routines while the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade band students culminated a semester of practice by performing a concert of selected works by female composers and musicians. Incorporating a cross-section of musical genres including marches, jazz and ballads, the students put on an excellent show enjoyed by the school community.


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