Kindergarten Bakery Returns!

The smell of freshly baked bread once again filled the hallways of the 81st Street Building as the school’s youngest students opened a pop-up bakery, their first ever business! The bakery - which students chose to name this year “Crazy Delicious Bakery” - is an annual staple that feeds the mind of young entrepreneurs while filling the stomachs of parents, teachers and students.

After spending weeks studying the art of making bread, testing several recipes and discussing what would be needed to open the bakery, the class wrote a proposal to Head of School Dr. Charles Fasano to ask for a loan to purchase supplies for their venture to sell Hawaiian bread, lemon poppy muffins, cornbread, cupcakes, cookies and more.

The next big decision was what to do with the bakery profits earned after repaying their loan. The class decided to have a pizza, ice cream and piñata party and then donated the rest of the funds to UNICEF to help children an families displaced by the war in Ukraine.

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