Full In-Person Learning Planned for September 2021


The following statement was released to the school community on April 8, 2021


Dear Bay Ridge Prep Community,

As we begin the final stretch of this school year, we look forward to making the next nine and half weeks as meaningful and memorable as possible for students. At the same time, we are planning for the 2021-2022 school year and want to let you know that it is our intention to offer in-person instruction five days per week plus increased co-curricular and athletic programming for all K-12 students beginning in September 2021. We anticipate that the 3 foot distancing guidelines recently released by the CDC will also be adopted by New York State and New York City, allowing us to expand the number of students in school in September.

While we are unable to predict what course the pandemic will take, we believe a variety of factors will allow us to reopen in fall in more ways than we were able to this year. In addition to the expected decrease in distancing requirements, vaccines will play a major role.

  • Vaccines are becoming more widely available and, by the end of this month, all adults in the United States will be eligible to register for and receive a vaccine. In New York State, all individuals who are 16 years of age or older are now eligible to receive a vaccine.
  • Clinical trials of the vaccines are currently being conducted on children ages 12-15 and the data, so far, is extremely promising. While the vaccines are performing very well in protecting adults, trials with children indicate that the vaccines are offering even stronger protection to young people. Clinical trials are also in process for children under the age of 12, with hope that a vaccine will be available for all children by October. A strong adoption of vaccines by Fall means our community will be able to successfully stay open with minimal quarantines while offering a fuller breadth of programming. The vaccines appear to be safe and effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death due to COVID-19. If you are eligible and able to be vaccinated, read this note from our school nurse for more information on vaccines.

The COVID-19 infection rate remains high in New York City, however, in-school transmission of the virus has been successfully prevented by Bay Ridge Prep and many other schools because of the numerous protocols being followed. We will continue these safety measures next year and they will be in place as long as needed.

As New York State and New York City update their policies for schools in the coming months, we will regularly update you on our plans for September. This long and somber battle against the virus will continue for some time, but an end is in sight. Until we reach the finish line, please continue to make smart and safe decisions for your health as well as the health of your loved ones and the school community.


Charles Fasano & Michael Dealy
Heads of School