A Great Start For A Different Year

The classrooms and hallways of Bay Ridge Prep are alive once again as the school community begins this new, and very different school year. With our first two days completed, one thing is clear to the faculty and staff: it is a thrill to see students again, whether it is in-person or on a screen. After months filled with plenty of questions, research, studying and planning, Bay Ridge Prep is bringing students and teachers a safe environment that still fulfills the school's educational mission.

Around the school buildings, there are a few changes that students and teachers are noticing, such as the conversion of large spaces to accommodate more classrooms that maintain distancing. In the photos above, you can see the 74th Street Gym, 81st Street Gym and Upper School library all set up as classrooms. In addition to these spaces, we continue to make investments in technology to support the teaching and learning process in a school that is meeting the needs of students enrolled in in-person, hybrid and fully remote learning plans.

The school is also taking advantage of the outdoors, such as the green space outside of the 81st Street Building. The garden area was recently renovated to provide more open space so students could enjoy outdoor lunch and activities in a safe and distanced manner. Coming soon to 81st Street is a play street, which Bay Ridge Prep was recently granted a permit for. This means that during school hours, Ridge Boulevard between 81st Street and 82nd Street will be closed to traffic to provide additional outdoor space for Lower and Middle School students.

Down on Shore Road, Bay Ridge Prep recently acquired property that is being used as additional outdoor space for student activities. Lower School students took advantage of the space today and we plan to run other outdoor classes and activities for Middle and Upper School students on the Shore Road property and across the street at Shore Road Park, where some athletic clubs will run distanced activities.

In a note to the school community on September 12, Heads of School Dr. Charles Fasano and Dr. Michael Dealy wrote, "While students are at the heart of our community, we want to extend a special acknowledgement to our faculty and staff, and to the parent body. We are in awe of the dedicated team of educators, support staff and administrators who are adjusting their routines each day to meet the needs of the students. We are also very thankful for gracious and appreciative parents that have entrusted us with the care of their children."



Founded in 1998, Bay Ridge Prep is an independent, K-12 college preparatory school offering exceptional courses and intimate class sizes in a socially-mature and positive environment.