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Egg Drop Contest Hatches Half Dozen Winners
Posted 05/07/2019 07:28PM

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Students and faculty gathered outside the 74th Street Building on May 7 for one of the Upper School's most anticipated spring traditions: eggs being dropped from a second floor window! The annual Egg Drop contest challenges students to use only toothpicks and glue to build a device that will protect an egg on a two-story flight to the pavement below. This year, a record half-dozen egg-protectors left their passengers intact while the seven others saw their cargo crack, scramble and separate on impact.

Although letting teenagers drop something out of a window is as rare as a double yolk, the projects actually push students to hatch creative engineering ideas while also integrating their knowledge of energy, impulse, momentum and Newton’s Laws of motion.

Students in Ms. Natasha Hazell’s and Ms. Jennifer McDonald’s physics classes worked hard this year to build contraptions that could mitigate the chances of science beating the eggs. The six winning projects for 2019 belonged to: Justin Hanna ‘19; the team of Ian Moran ‘19 and Ray Lee ‘19; Stephanie Eisenstein ‘19; Malena Genova ‘19; Chloe Marechaux ‘20; and the team of Zach Kriezman ‘20 and Nathan Cohen ‘20.

The winners started a new tradition by signing a Golden Egg trophy that will be passed down each year to any student that poaches a win.

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Bay Ridge Prep is a co-ed, K-12 independent school in Brooklyn, New York, that is home to 400 students and over 100 faculty spread across two buildings.  With a student-centered environment and fresh approach to education, Bay Ridge Prep provides an enriching academic experience in a socially mature environment.


Bay Ridge Prep is selective in admissions and prospective students go through a formal application process.  What we look for most in an applicant is a student who will benefit from our programs and make a positive impact on our community.


Bay Ridge Prep students get their first taste of hands-on learning in Kindergarten, when they become owners and operators of their own bakery.  By high school, they are deeply engaged in courses like Science, Research & Design - a three-year class that offers the opportunity to conduct original, independent research.


Led by experienced arts educators with advanced degrees in art, music and theater, the arts program recognizes that creative expression is a vital and integral part of a student’s development.


Home to nine championships in the last seven years, Bay Ridge Prep Athletics offers students an opportunity to explore physical challenges and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

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Bay Ridge Prep Alumni can be found everywhere.  Our newest alums are at some of the best colleges and graduate programs in the country and older alums are professionals in the fields of medicine, law, media, education, finance and more.

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