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Interested in becoming a sponsor? Or in volunteering? Or maybe you just want to run with your child! 
All information regarding how to participate, register, review past sponsors or become a sponsor yourself is below. Happy Trotting!

2019 Sponsors


Thank you to all of the 2019 Trot Sponsors for their support! 


Champion Sponsor

The Baker Family
The Solecki Family
The Theurer Family | Approved Oil Co.

Sprinter Sponsor 

Hogan Family

Jogger Sponsor

Bauso Family

The Dealy Foundation
Grazidei Family

Finish Line Sponsor

Dr. Karen Avanesov & Dr. Natalya Orlova
Milano Family
Neamonitakis Family 
Zisimopoulos Family

Trotter Sponsor

1-800 Mr. Rubbish
Arensberg Family
Basel Family 


Betro Family
Bevilacqua Family

Calacanis Family
Cibella Family
Composto Family
Costantino Family
DeLuca Family '13 | DiFama Concrete
de Sousa Family
Fasano Family
Ferri Family in memory of Jeanne and Joseph Ferri Sr.
Brooke and Brandon Fezzuoglio
Gallagher Family / Lovable Marketing
Gambale Family &


Goldberger Family
Greenspan Family
Laurie Grossman and Richard Herzfeld
Gulbin Family
Hajdu Family
Harasani Family

Locatell-Harris Family
Mastorakis Family
Mandalaoui Family
Mullarkey Family
Piazza Family
Saba Family
Slotnick Family
Stoll Schaldach Family
Tsui Family

Promenade Sponsors


Berman Family
Coyne Family
DeBrusk and Haavaldsrud Family in memory of Carl Haavaldsrud
Giardina Family
Goranites Family
Kuznetsov Family
Nuesell Family
Privman Family
Saadi Family
Sikarevich Family
Slotnick Family
Somoza Family

& the Stressler Ortiz Family
Stone Lemberg Family

Sneaker Sponsors

Adams Toy Family
Ben's Pizzeria in Bay Ridge
Caggiano Family
Caria Family
Bulkin Family
Denton-Clark Family
Freedman Walsh Family
Gordon Family in memory of Amelia's Grandpa who was an avid runner!
Gouzos Family
Kanchik Family
Katleman Family in memory of Jerald Katleman
Keener Schrager Family
Haskopoulos Family
Hristodoulou Koutras Family
Jeannopoulos Family
Johnson Family
Luka Family
Lerman Family, Grade 3
Liguori Famiy
Petroff Family
Ben and Lauren Shenkman
Sohlbreck-King Family 
Schwartz Family
Shur Family
Sideris Family
Frank Visintini in honor of the Calacanis clan 
Bill and Susan Walsh
Edward and Maureen Walsh
Yurman Family

Ty the Tiger Sponsors

Abdelhadi Family

Atbashyan Family
Barbaro Forte Family
Bartnik Family
Berini Family
Bobula Family
Brodsky Family
Bushong Family
Donlon Family
Douglas P. Fields, Jr.
Driskell Fritz Family
The Flanders Family &

The Fiocco Family in memory of Philip LoPiano and Charles Fiocco
Dr. Jennifer Galbo and Tim Prakope

Gleich Munisteri Family
Haddad Zavaro Family
Hebert Family
Koltenyuk Gerts Family
Lane Family
Lanin Family
Lee Family, Kindergarten and 5th grade
Maiorana Family
Mike's Donuts and the Neamonitis Family
Millman Schiff Family

The Parcell Family in memory of Mike Ward
Pearlman Family
Pisarev Family
Sipp Family
Stathoudakis Family
Anthony Tempera and Kyunghwa Kim
The Todd Family in memory of Richard Trezzino and Kevin Dowdell
Thomas Family, 6th Grade
Thomas Family, 8th Grade
Tsarnas Family
Tyler Family
Verivakis Family
Ward Family
Weiss Family



The list above is as of May 30, 2019. If you have a request or question in regards to the sponsor list, please contact our Development Office at

Family Participation by Grade

Tracking of Participation and Dollars Raised by Grade for the 2019 Tiger Trot



Overall, the 2019 Tiger Trot has raised a total of $98,730 for Bay Ridge Prep. In terms of participation, the 1st grade is in the lead with 92% family participation! This page was last updated on April 29, 2019. If you have a question about this progress tracking page, please contact Regan Murphy, Director of Development, at
Thank you to all of our 2019 parent Trot sponsors for your support! 

Sponsor Information

The annual Tiger Trot, the largest fundraising event hosted by Bay Ridge Prep, is supported by a wide range of community members: current parents, parents of alumni, local businesses, alumni, board members, grandparents, and friends. Event sponsorship donations to the Tiger Trot are unrestricted financial support for the current operating budget and have an immediate impact on the day-to-day vibrancy of the school.

The Tiger Trot is the cornerstone of Bay Ridge Prep’s fundraising efforts. In recent years, Tiger Trot donations helped renovate the Lower and Middle School auditorium, built a fine art and dance annex space for Upper School students, and supported enhancements to our academic programs and extra-curricular programs. This year the Trot proceeds will help fund improvements to our facilities, as well as provide professional growth opportunities to Bay Ridge Prep faculty, enabling the school to attract, retain, and develop talented teachers. 

Click here to make your Trot donation online

Download a Family & Family Business Sponsor Form

Download a Local Business Sponsor Form

Donations to the 2019 Tiger Trot will be accepted until Friday, May 17, 2019. Thank you, in advance, for your support! 

2019 Sponsorship Levels

 Bay Ridge Preparatory is a 501(c)3 non-profit. The school's EIN number is 11-3444169. Contributions to the school are tax deductible as allowed by law.  
Have a question? Please contact Regan Murphy, Director of Development, at or call (718) 833-9090.


Over 530 runners. About 100 spectators. 45 trophies awarded. The largest fundraiser of the year happens thanks to the support provided by Bay Ridge Prep parent volunteers.

The Tiger Trot Parent Committee

There are various ways to help out: be a Tiger Trot Class Ambassador and assist with our efforts to reach 100% family Trot participation, assist with business outreach, help out on the day of the Trot, or help with in-kind donation outreach. Thank you in advance to the 2019 Trot Parent Committee! 

If you are interested in joining this committee for the 2020 Trot, please contact Regan Murphy at 

Past Tiger Trots

View the 2018 Tiger Trot Race Results

Check out photos of the whole event and read an event recap.


Trot T-Shirts

In keeping with Tiger Trot tradition, the 2019 Tiger Trot shirt will feature the artwork of 2 talented Bay Ridge Prep students. The winning designs were selected, by faculty and staff, from over 90 student entries. The t-shirt will also feature the names of generous business and family sponsors on the back. The event shirts will be worn by students during the Tiger Trot on May 3rd and many students and faculty members wear their Trot t-shirts throughout the school year. Below are this year's winning designs!

Every student will receive a free Tiger Trot t-shirt on the day of the race. Additional t-shirts (in adult and youth sizes) are available to order online. Cash and check will be accepted. Pick-up and delivery details are available on the online order form. Please submit your t-shirt order by April 24. 

Order a 2019 Tiger Trot T-shirt online

Class Totals

Register for a Trot Race Bib

Professional electronic timing of the Tiger Trot is provided by:

Online bib registration for the 2019 Tiger Trot has closed.

 Parents, Bay Ridge Prep family members, and business Trot sponsors are welcome to lace up their running shoes and join our students and faculty on the 1.2 mile race course. On the day of the Trot, spectators, walkers, and runners should arrive at the race course by 1:00 pm. The race course is located on Shore Road Promenade and 79th Street Park. Enter the Shore Road park at 79th or 80th street then walk south to the overpass. Cross the overpass and the start line will be in front of you. 

Runners, walkers, and all spectators are welcome to attend the Trot award ceremony which will be held at Bay Ridge Prep's Lower & Middle School at 8101 Ridge Blvd. (inside the gymnasium) immediately following the conclusion of the Tiger Trot. View last year's top race times here!

If you would like to run in the 2019 Tiger Trot, please email Regan Murphy,, by 9:00 am on race day (May 3) and a bib will be assigned to you and you can pick it up at the start line check in table. 


Thank you to our 2018 Trot Sponsors

Thank you 2018 Tiger Trot Fun Run Sponsors!

Bay Ridge Prep is thankful for the support of parents, grandparents, neighborhood businesses, and friends. In 2018, the Tiger Trot raised over $105,000 for our school! Many thanks to all of our Trot sponsors! 

2018 Champion Sponsors

The Solecki Family
Theurer Family 

2018 Sprinter Sponsors

Baker Family

2018 Starting Line Sponsors

Bauso Family
Ferri Family

2018 Jogger Sponsors

Dr. Karen Avanesov and Dr. Natalya Orlova

Betro Family
Saba Family
Slotnick Family
Zisimopoulos Family

2018 Trotter Sponsors

Arensberg Family
Basel Family 

Bevilacqua Family
Calacanis Family
Composto Family
DeLuca Family | DiFama Concrete
Fasano Mayring Family
Brandon '26 and Brooke '31 Fezzuoglio
Gallagher Family | Lovable Marketing
Gambale Family
Grazidei Family

 Laurie Grossman and Richard Herzfeld
Hogan Family
Kuznetsov Family
Mandalaoui Family
Mastorakis Family
Mullarkey Family
Privman Family
Sideris Family
Sorrentino Family (Grade 12)
Arianna Skopp
Stoddard Family (Grade 12)

2018 Sneaker Sponsors 

Berini Family
Peter A. Costalos, DMD, PC
Coyne Family
Chris DeBrusk and Heather Haavaldsrud
The Drury's
Jeff Egan and Dawn McAvoy
Jamie and Lee Gallagher
Hajdu Family
William Lemberg and Audrey Stone
Locatell-Harris Family
Pepe Family
Abeir Saleh 
Schwartz Family
Seleshi Kelkar Family
Sikarevich Family
Skin Institute of New York
Sorrentino Family (Grade 9)
Stressler Family
Stepping Stones Nursery School
Robert Townley & Manhattan Youth Recreation & Resources Inc.
Trans America Transport Inc. Bus Company

2018 Shore Road Promenade Sponsors

Batushanskaya Shur Family
Ben's Pizza and Restaurant at 8125 Third Avenue 
Bishoy Luka
Caggiano Family

Duke-Cohen Family
Fiocco Family
Gerts Koltenyuk Family
Haskopoulos Family
Hristodoulou Koutras Family
Itkowitz Family
Dorothy Keener Schrager
Lopez Priest Family
Gleich/Munisteri Family
Serrano Family
Sohlbreck King Family
Steve Supply Corporation
Tsui Family
Walsh Freedman Family (Grade 4)
Walsh Family (Grade 7)
Walsh Family (Grade 10)
The Wards

2018 Ty the Tiger Sponsors

Adams Toy Family
Appleby Johnson Family
Atbashyan Family
Susan and Bruce Beal
Jerome Block and Michelle Freedman
Bulkin Family
Bushong Family
Caria Family
Cesare Family
Clifford Family
Delengos Family
DeGaetano Wang Family
Deborah Forrester
Galette Family
Ghiz Family
Giacomo's Wood Fired Pizza & Trattoria
Bob Goldberg and Katia Righetti
John Gouzos and Effie Sorros
Griggs/von Ziegesar Family
Deborah and Andrew Gordon
Hanel Fernandez Family
Kanchik Family
Beth Katleman
Maiorana Family
Neamonitis Family
Pally Family
Pearlman Family
Pisarev Family
Carolyn Schiff and Noah Millman
Sicotte Rathgeb Family
Slocombe Perun Family
Stathoudakis Family
Thomas Family
Val Exterminating Co.
Emmanuel and Vicky Verivakis 
Aliza and Larry Weiss

  Go Tigers!

The list above is as of June 1, 2018. If you have a request or question in regards to the sponsor list, please contact our Development Office at