What is the Annual Fund?     

The Annual Fund provides flexible, unrestricted support for annual expenses: faculty professional development, academic and extra-curricular programs, visual and performing arts, and athletics. Each year, Bay Ridge Prep asks every member of our community to contribute to the Annual Fund. 

The 2020-2021 Annual Fund will specifically support new expenses associated with our school operations during the pandemic. Staff has been added to manage health, safety and hygiene protocol. There have been many facility changes to support social distancing and improved ventilation. We are making use of a daily health screening app with temperature checks at arrival. These are just a few examples of the unplanned expenses we are managing during the 2020-2021 school year. To encourage you to make a gift to our Annual Fund, we have added a COVID Relief Circle to our traditional giving levels. All donations of $500 or more will be recognized in this new giving circle.  Every gift large or small will make a difference. Thank you for your support!

Please note that the recent Coronavirus Aid CARES Act includes new provisions related to charitable giving. For individuals who itemize deductions, the CARES Act allows donors to deduct up to 100% of their 2020 adjusted gross income for cash and stock gifts. For those who take the standard deduction and do not itemize, donors are permitted to subtract directly from their gross income up to $300 in cash or stock charitable contributions.

How can I make a gift?    

  • Credit Card: MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and PayPal are accepted – You can make a credit card gift on our secured giving portal.
  • Checks should be made payable to “Bay Ridge Prep” and should be sent to: Bay Ridge Prep Development Office, 8101 Ridge Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11209  .
  • Gifts of Securities – Gifting appreciated securities allows you to deduct the full value of the gift, without incurring capital gains. If you are considering a gift of securities, please contact our Development Office at development@bayridgeprep.org or call 718-833-9090 for instructions and more information.
  • Matching Gifts - Many companies will match the value of charitable gifts made by their employees. When an employer matches all or part of a gift, the donor is recognized for the full amount of their own gift plus any resulting corporate match. Generally, your employer’s Human Resource department will know if your company participates in a matching program and, if so, will provide the necessary forms and instructions to initiate the match. Matching gifts are a great way to leverage Annual Fund donations. If you have a question about Matching Gifts please contact our Development Office at development@bayridgeprep.org
  • Donor Advised Funds - If you have a Donor Advised Fund you can instruct your DAF sponsoring organization to make a check directly payable to Bay Ridge Prep and have it mailed to our Development Office. Your DAF sponsoring organization will require our tax ID#. Please contact our Development Office at development@bayridgeprep.org for further assistance.