Bay Ridge Prep families have been very appreciative of our distance learning program. We have convened online grade level meetings with parents to partner effectively, sharing our outcomes and objectives during this experience. Effective communication has always been a huge priority at Bay Ridge Prep, and this is particularly so during this time of virtual interaction. Here are some parent comments about distance learning at Bay Ridge Prep:

Thank you so much for working so hard to provide an awesome experience for our son given the completely unusual circumstance!
(6th grade parent, bridge program)

I can’t tell you how impressed and thrilled we have been with the programming that has been put into place for our son. We feel very fortunate and grateful. The efforts are huge from the staff and we do appreciate all of it.
(5th grade parent, bridge program)

Teachers have made themselves extremely available at this time. Thank you!
(11th grade parent)

We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the tremendous love, support, joy, positivity,  and energy you have given to our kids during this incredibly difficult time in all of our lives.  I am in awe that even faculty with young kids at home and or elderly/sick family members to worry about are able and willing to connect face to face each day with our kids to be there for them in all ways.  You have all really outdone yourselves and exceeded our expectations. Each family's experience is going to be different with the online/distance learning, and there will be many kinks to work out and address, but the bottom line is that your total willingness to meet these changing needs, so quickly, so passionately, is a true gift to each BRP thank you!
(1st & 3rd grade parent)

Great job. Seems to be a very good mix of online and alone work. Good structure to the day. Much better than my public school kid who has minimal live learning and therefore minimal structure to his day
(8th grade parent)

You guys are doing a bang up job! This transition isn’t easy for anyone but you all have made the first day so smooth. We are incredibly grateful.
(5th grade parent)

Thank you so much for all that the teachers and admin are doing to make this transition as seamless as possible. We realize how much work and effort is being put out each day by everyone at BRP and we really appreciate it. The teachers have been absolutely amazing and quick with communicating with our son when he felt he needed to connect with them. Sometimes for legitimate questions and at other times, just because he was feeling like he needed to "check in". He is totally settled now and each day becomes more and more natural for him. I have also needed to reach the teachers for a few things and the speed of their responses have been GREAT!
(9th grade parent, achieve program)

Our son has adjusted very well, and is extremely happy and focused with his work. He gets up early, goes through his morning routine, gets dressed and goes to school... 3rd Grader teacher Elisa has been amazing with coordinating the schedule and providing real clear instructions. I have had to help him very little , it feels like he is in school all day. You guys are real heroes in my eyes! Thank you for all the hard work!! I only have positive feedback to provide. 
(3rd grade parent)



Bravo to BRP teachers and administrators. Thank you for working hard over spring break so our children could be up and running with distance leaning on March 30!!! The transition for our daughter went so smoothly. You have done a fabulous job!! My daughter loves the online learning because she feels she can be in total control of her day. She likes the non-rotating schedule and at home there are “no distractions, drama or stressors I have to worry about.” Both my husband and I believe this has helped her with her independence, daily use of technology (which she used to be afraid of) and her confidence. Thank you again.
(8th grade Achieve)

We appreciate all the effort & thought to make this experience a rich one. This is a challenging time and the school’s response is easing some of the tension. 
(6th grade parent)

Thank you all so much! This has been a trying time for everyone and you are all doing an amazing job. I am happy that my daughter can see her teachers and classmates and interact with everyone which helps during this stay in. It gives her a sense of belonging to her BRP family. Keep up the great work! Stay safe and be well!The teachers have done a fantastic job with transitioning to online schooling. They've been patient and supportive and the kids these first weeks.
(11th grade parent)