Distance Learning

Bay Ridge Prep is confident that we continue to live our mission in this time of distance learning. This was the imperative that our administrative team and faculty emphasized as we made our transition.  All of our decisions regarding distance learning instruction focused on the needs of our students. Flexibility and responsiveness have always been a hallmark of our approach to the learning process and our faculty values the connection they make with every individual student.

Our distance learning program provides a comprehensive and age-appropriately designed schedule, using zoom classes and activities.  We believe students need to be with their peers, even if it is in a virtual environment.  We also believe during this time that students should be interacting with their teachers on a regular basis.  In this new educational setting, feedback, understanding, and compassion have never been more crucial to student well-being.  In addition to a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous classes, teachers are available for office hours each day to further support students in their classes.  

We all look forward to the time when we can return to our in-person campus identity. But until that time, under the guidance of our talented faculty, we employ a distance learning program that engages our students in an experience consistent with the philosophy of our school and a program that encourages students to use their talents to enhance the fabric of our school community.