College Guidance Resources

 CEEB Code for Bay Ridge Prep: 330348 

Here's a list of websites to help you search for colleges, scholarships, financial aid and more.  Please note that the websites below are suggestions only and are not officially endorsed by or associated with Bay Ridge Preparatory School.


ACT Exam

Register for the ACT Exam

College Board - SAT Registration 

-Register for the SAT and SAT II Subject Tests
-Create a CSS PROFILE for Financial Aid use
-Search for colleges based on your interests
-Note: Bay Ridge Prep's CEEB Code is 330348

Common App
Apply to over 400 colleges and universities with one application.

Apply for federal student aid from the U.S. Department of Education.  Additional helpful information can be found here.

The Foundation Center
Find different sources of educational funding

New York State High Education Services Corporation (HESC)

Information on New York State TAP Grants for college
Information on Federal student and parent loans
Guidance for college planning

Sallie Mae's College Answer
-Preparing for the College Application process
-Paying for college
-Student loan information

College Data
See how you compare, find scholarships, calculate costs

College Prowler
Unbiased reviews from real college students on their college experience
Find scholarships and help colleges connect with you